Upsize or Downsize in Chillicothe:

Which is Your Best Move in 2023?

Are you considering making a move to Chillicothe in 2023? The decision can be difficult whether you’re looking to upsize or downsize. As a leading real estate agent who knows the ins and outs of Chillicothe, I’m here to help you navigate the process and make an informed decision. So let’s take a closer look at upsizing and downsizing in Chillicothe and help you determine which option best fits your unique needs and goals.

Deciding if it is time to upsize or downsize your Chillicothe home is not always a clear choice. Factors to consider might push you to take the leap or stay put in your Chillicothe home for a while longer. So whether you are thinking about upsizing so there’s plenty of space or downsizing, here are some questions to ponder as you make your housing decision in 2023.

How are you using your current space in your Chillicothe house?

Is there adequate privacy or space in your home? Are you tired of having a makeshift office at the dining table and really need an office or workshop? Maybe it is time to upsize. On the other hand, do you have numerous rooms that aren’t being used, or are you tired of paying property taxes on a larger home in Chillicothe than you need?

Have you considered the maintenance costs of your Chillicothe home?

If you are considering upsizing to a larger Chillicothe home, calculate the added costs for maintaining a larger home in Chillicothe and the property. Then, if you are ready for less space and to have less maintenance to do, perhaps you can downsize.


What do you want or need outdoors?

What kind of outdoor space do you dream about? Do you want acreage, just a few acres, a large city lot, or common areas? Do you need a fenced area? The size of the house in Chillicothe is one thing, but getting the property you need is important too!

Have you looked ahead for a few years?

What do you expect your housing needs to be in the next decade or two? Do you want a large home in Chillicothe to entertain throughout the year and on holidays? Or will you spend those times traveling and visiting others at their homes?

What works best financially for a home in Chillicothe with your budget?

Can you handle the additional expenses involved with a larger Chillicothe home, or are you ready to cut costs and enjoy a downsized Chillicothe home? Consider your mortgage and mortgage payment or if you are investing with cash and how it impacts your finances. Don’t forget to consider any tax implications for a move into a Chillicothe home.

Is this the right housing market to upsize or downsize?

A seller’s market is hot for those looking to sell a larger home in Chillicothe and downsize. Upsizing may be riskier in a big seller’s market, but it might be worth the leap if a larger home suits your needs better.

Whatever questions you have about purchasing your next home in Chillicothe, I’d be honored to assist you. Contact me today, and let’s work together to make sure your next move is the right one.

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