What Do The Jetsons, The Brady Bunch, and The Incredibles Have In Common?

No style has had more lasting power than the Mid-Century Modern Design. a look so iconic it never goes out of style. The mid-century design began in the middle of the 20th century, of course! The end of WW2 created an economic boom that allowed more Americans to buy homes. Progress in science, physics, and science fiction resulted in new materials like plywood, fiberglass, and foam to create innovative designs with vibrant colors! People wanted to move away from the doom and gloom of war and embrace naturalism and experimentation in designs. As the American Dream was made accessible, architects and designers wanted to embrace this populist message. Design should be beautiful, functional, efficient, and attainable.

The mid-century architecture was frequently used in residential structures to bring modernism into America’s post-war suburbs. This style emphasized creating designs with ample windows and open floor plans, intending to open up interior spaces, bringing the outdoors inside.

Many Mid-century houses utilized the then-groundbreaking “post-and-beam” architectural design that eliminated bulky support walls in favor of walls seemingly made of glass. The function was as important as form in Mid-century designs, with an emphasis placed on targeting the needs of the average American family.

You may remember this style in the famous Brady Bunch home, The Jetsons cartoon family, or The Incredibles, but did you know there are numerous mid-century modern homes right here in Chillicothe, Ohio?! Cheers to the lasting power of the iconic and timeless Mid-Century Modern Design!

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