Reasons to work with a REALTOR®

Whether it’s your first or fifth time buying or selling a property, it is always wise to work with a licensed REALTOR® whose obligation is to their client.  These agents operate with professionalism while adhering to the code of ethics to which they are bound. REALTORS® work to guide you, advise you, protect you, and negotiate for you.

There are many legal documents, reports and disclosures involved when buying or selling a property.  You want someone with experience and knowledge of these documents to help you negotiate through them.  A REALTOR® understands the various terms and jargon involved in real estate transactions so they can properly educate and assist you.  Working with a REALTOR® can help you avoid costly mistakes and undue stress. 

When a REALTOR® is working for you, they have objective knowledge to share with you, such as zoning restrictions or HOA fees and guidelines.  REALTORS® use this information and data to help search for the right property for you and also make sure you make informed decisions. 

REALTORS® often know of properties for sale that are not advertised publicly and they can also work to market your property even if you don’t want to list it online or in the Multiple Listing Service.  REALTORS® have search power through the Multiple Listing Service and through networking with other REALTORS® in their office.

By working with a REALTOR®, you have a professional that has negotiation knowledge and skills.  There are many factors to be dealt with in a real estate transaction.  A REALTOR® will work for you to help negotiate the best purchase agreement for you.  They will guide you through the entire buying or selling process and navigate you through inspections and possible issues that may come up.

Maybe you’ve been through several real estate transactions in the past.  It still is very important to have a REALTOR® work for you as they have updated knowledge of laws and regulations that have changed over the years and in the ever-changing housing market.

Whether purchasing a home, land, or a commercial property, the buying experience can be very emotional.  For most people, buying a home is the largest purchase they will make in their life.  You want an experienced professional to help navigate you through the entire process.  A REALTOR® understands that buying or selling a property can be an emotional experience.  Your REALTOR® can be a rock for you during this emotional time.

If you’re planning to buy or sell a property soon, I would love to work for you as your REALTOR®.  Feel free to contact me.

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